If you ask to divide the office into parts, there would be only two demarcations, marking two distinct ends of the office. The first region is that of the front desk, here, you are greeted by the company and offered a first rate presentation of what it is all about. As you move more towards the inside you enter the second zone, this one is headed by the office boss. Here, you get to what makes the company work, what keeps it ticking. This area is supervised by the boss who keeps everyone up and running. Everything ultimately falls on the shoulders of the apex authority. So, as these two define the two ends of a working concern, each deserves its own bastion.

The front desk:

The front desk office manager carries the responsibility of representing the office. He/she should be a person trained to offer quality response to whatever query that comes up and direct what he can’t to the concerned authority. The task of maintaining operations and cataloguing orders also comes under his/her domain. In case the front end is not functioning properly, all incoming business might not get effectively carried through. Colleges and institutes offer professional courses and training programs to prepare individuals for this task. Those who spend significant time behind the front end, often end up as being recognized as the face of the company. If handled in an efficient manner, there is a lot of incentive that can be earned.

The big boss:

After a task enters the office, it officially becomes the responsibility of whoever sits behind the office boss desk. The person has to be well versed with all aspects of the business and must know it like the back of his hand. Being able to provide backup in case someone fails to turn up at a key point, the boss has to step up. The office too, has a different set up. The boss desk is one of its kinds in its entirety, and it should be too, it should be clear at a glance as to who is in control of the place.

Making the setup work:

Both the ends of an office need to be in perfect sync to move forward as a single unit. Each part carries its own dignity, carving out your niche at either requires devoting time and talent to finding out which one you are better suited for. As the number of businesses continues to grow, everyday opportunities continue to grow. Some people are in favor of hiring an office boss that is not the founder of the business, because he/she will be able to function without getting any emotional factor to interfere with his decision making ability.